WUCC, November 2006

WUCC 2006 photos

Five Tasmanians went to the World Ultimate Club Championships in Perth in November 2006. Mike Baker played in the Open Division with Thong, and won a silver medal - Thong finished second (having been seeded 10th). Ash Martens and Shavawn Donoghue played in the women's division for Southside and finished in 10th place (seeded 6th) and Jemery Day and Kate Godber played for the Restless Flycatchers in the mixed division and finished in 26th place (seeded 30th).

Hobart Mercury, Page 48, November 10, 2006
This article appeared on page 48 of the Hobart Mercury on Friday November 10, 2006. A certain amount of journalistic licence was applied to the text (who would ever say "ultimate is better known by the brand name frisbee" for example) but all publicity is good publicity, and at least they plugged the local league and the TUA web site!

Thanks to Roger Barnes for permission to use some of his WUCC photos. If you want to see these (and more) WUCC photos, check out Roger's Digital Arts web site.

Thong 1Thong 2Thong 3
Mike Baker featuring in a number of Roger's WUCC 2006 photos.

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